Are Implants Safe?
Dental Implant procedure is considered to be safe and has been used for over 4 decades globally.
A thorough examination of the candidate is a must before confirming the possibility of treatment. This evaluation process minimizes the failure ratio and increases the success rate for the procedure. The most important criteria here is the jaw bone condition i.e. its length and density. More the length and density better are the chances of successful and safe dental implant procedures.
If a patient has allergies to metal, or sever health condition (in such cases, consent from the general practitioner is needed) he may not be able to get dental implants. For such patients procedures like bridges or dentures are alternative treatments.
Can Smokers Opt for Dental Implants
Implant Success in smokers can be increased by stopping the habit 1 week prior to and up to 2 months after the implant placement.
To avoid failure of implant and live a healthier life you should be prepared to give up smoking.
Do Dental Implant have age restriction and is it safe for senior citizens
There is no age bar for implant treatment. If the jaw bone quality and density are favorable, you are considered as a Perfect candidate for dental implant treatment.
Good Bone structure is all you need to do Dental Implant in any age.
Why should I choose SS over any other implant clinic?
Dental implant is a very critical procedure and requires precise planning and execution. One must consider the following points before deciding on the dental clinic.
Doctor’s qualification, experience and success ratio
Technology used for planning the surgery
Consultation and explanation of the procedure by the doctor
Clinic hygiene, state of art facilities, support staff
Post treatment care and instructions and follow up management
Restorative stage or phase 2 stage planning and lab support
At Signature Smiles, we literally fulfill all the above requirements to be at the top of the best dental implant clinic in Mumbai, India. Our team of doctors has over 22 years of experience and placed more than 5000 implants with a success rate of 99%.
They keep themselves updated to all the modern and latest technology available in the field of dentistry and dental implants. To view the certificates of the doctor, please click here (Link)
Our clinics are state of the art with hi tech equipment’s and in house 3D scanner. We believe in following strict sterilization protocols and the support staff is extremely helpful, polite and trained for patient care.
Most importantly, we have in house lab support which helps us to provide excellent customized restorations (dental implant crowns/bridge/denture). Restorations are made keeping in mind patients’ facial characteristics, bite, shade of other natural teeth, food habits etc.
The above benefits give us an edge over other dental clinic and give you the reason to choose us for your dental implant treatment.

Best Dental Clinic in Pimple Saudagar

State of the art, fully equipped modern Dental and Orthopedic Center, led by highly qualified and prefessional doctors. Clinic located at most prime and easily accessible location of Pimple Saudagar-Rahatani. We take pride not only in being doctors, but also by teaching our patients about our procedures.

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